About Us

Since 2004, APS EXPRESS CO.,LTD., is a leading China International Freight Forwarder (ocean freight, airfreight and
ground transportation) with extensive knowledge and strong
structure in freight and customs clearance.

The Panama branch of our company was established in 2019. Supported by a sales team of a number of professional salespersons, the branch company pays regular visits to customers to maintain good relations with them and understand the needs of our customers in South America. The branch provides customers with route analysis, professional transport service or transfer service.

Our team of professionals offer experience in all areas of International Freight Forwarding, their priority is to
understand the needs and present solutions that best satisfy our customers. In order to better serve you, we are strategically located
around China with headquarters in Shenzhen and agencies in all main ports.


Ocean years in business


Air years in business


Truck years in business

Still curious?

Through our agreements with
airlines, we can ship air cargo
everywhere around the
world. We will assess your
specific needs and customize our
air services for your largescale or small express shipment
door to door, port to port, or
anything in between.

As a fully licensed freight forwarder, we are able to arrange shipments around the world. Moreover, our agreements with top carriers enable us to negotiate better rates and conditions for our customers.

For domestic and local shipments, we have a full own fleet of trucks and equipment. We have the flexibility and experience to transport cargo of all sizes throughout the country and corss-broder

• We offer service that include: nationalization of goods, temporary admission and temporary exports.
• Processing tariffs
• Tax Advisory
• Properly handle and coordinate: documentation, permits, certificates, exoneration,and other requirements to avoid demurrages and delays.


Our warehousing services include: storage, container unloading and goods distribution. For project cargo and over sized cargo we make sure cargo is stored accordingly to special requirements.

Exports Packing

We are able to pack your goods according to destination country requirements. This packing include:pelleting,marring. wrappers, pets and SGS verification.

Cargo Insurance

We offer a door to door cargo insurance coverage at very competitive prices